About Us

My kitchen was on the 2nd floor of a 3 story townhouse when I first thought of The Panhandler Bag. Every holiday I would stress over getting food from the kitchen down to the car without spilling and without fail, I’d spill something on the way down. I would need 2 hands to carry each pan down the stairs which of course meant multiple trips. See where this is going?

After the 5th Thanksgiving when I spilled sweet potato casserole drippings on the upholstery of my car seats is when I got serious and started looking for a bag. When I couldn’t find one that accommodated more than one pan, I decided to invent one. The Panhandler Bag’s rear load design is what makes this product unique. No more grocery store bags, shopping bags, or holding a hot pan steady while loading it into a top load bag. Just zip down the back of the bag and slide your pans in. You can now make one trip to the car, protect your car seats, and keep your food hot during transport all with the use of The Panhandler Bag.