First Day with my New Panhandler Bag

This is my first blog post, and I am very excited to tell you about my new favorite product that anyone who loves to cook needs. Like anyone else who has ever brought a dish to a barbecue, church function, potluck, or any other event, I had become very well acquainted with the endless hassles of transporting food.

For starters, when I needed to move my dishes to and from the car, I would need to make several trips and risk dropping everything and making a huge mess. While in the car, things would become even worse, with my baking pans sliding and sloshing around in the front seat. On the off chance that my cooking would arrive at my destination without splattering all over my dashboard, floor, or windshield, it would be room temperature. Such a waste.

Luckily, the answer to my prayers has arrived- The Panhandler Bag. I finally pulled the trigger because I was so fed up, and I am so happy that I did. Traveling with food just got easier!

I tried it out for the first time, this weekend, at my church choir’s potluck dinner. I prepared cheesy chicken and rice casserole and pumpkin crunch cake (easy recipes for both can be found at

After taking my dishes out of the oven, I simply stuck lids on both of my 9”x13” baking pans and slipped them into my Panhandler Bag using the zip-down back panel designed for easing pan loading. I then threw my serving spoons, napkins, potholders and other utensils into the bag’s roomy front pocket. Then, without any hassle or risk of spilling, I carried the bag to my car, and I still had a free hand to open and close my house and car doors with ease. In the car, the Panhandler Bag continued to impress. Its special design kept my pans level with no spillage.

When I got to the event, heads immediately turned. While my friends struggled, trying to keep their wobbly stacks of pans from toppling over, I strolled in with ease.  Most of the other attendees had to reheat their dishes in the oven to get them hot enough to eat. I had no such issue. Thanks to the bag’s insulation, I popped them out and they were ready to go, hours after I had taken them out of the oven! Everyone at the function lusted over the bag. I would be worried about my friends stealing it, but I customized my bag with the monogramming option available at

When I got home, the cleanup was simple, because the bag features a removable bottom insert for easy cleaning and wipes clean with a damp cloth. It also folds flat, so I was able to store without taking up much space.

I would highly recommend the bag for many reasons. I only just got it, and it has already made my life so much easier. It allowed me to transport my 9”x13” pans in style, with zero hassle and zero mess. I got to keep a hand free while carrying my pans, and my dishes were still piping hot hours after I cooked them. It was easy to clean, and the monogramming added a stylish and personal touch. The bag even comes in two convenient sizes.

Now that I have experienced the convenience of the Panhandler Bag, I am never going back! I know so many people who desperately need one, and I can’t wait to let everyone in on the secret. They make amazing gifts for birthdays, bridal showers, Mother’s day, house warming, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other gift-giving holidays.

For my next function, I am going to try the sweet potato casserole recipe which can be found along with numerous other 9”x13” pan recipes on

I love my new Panhandler Bag, and I know you’ll love yours too!


Jonelle Rhode